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Raw vegan recipes Kindle-book

I'm vegan for 21 years and eating also raw diet for 5 years. making healthy,vital & colorful meals is my passion when it comes to nourish my body and my family. in this book I'm about to share with you my best Raw vegan recipes.

You will learn how to make Raw sushi, Raw cakes, Raw pizza also green juice and many more.

In my Kindle book you will learn how to serve This amazing food and eat it with the lush ingredient before you taste it  

The world understand the impotence of eating vegan, save the planet and our health

In this book you will learn the impotence of the vegan diet and some hot recipes that will turn your day into a great and vital day.

In this revolutionary kindle book you will  learn how to make zucchini , qinua, wild rice  , steamed Thai veggies and many more.

Comming soon

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